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Our Story

At Amethyst & Ash, we craft more than just jewelry; we weave stories of transformation, resilience, and the beauty born from ashes. Led by Ashley, our creative visionary and a warrior of recovery, our pieces are a testament to the power of art, healing, and sobriety.

What We Do: We handcraft unique, earthy, edgy, and chic jewelry, inspired by Ashley's love for gemstones and silversmithing. Each piece is an embodiment of her journey, a journey that began with paintbrushes and acrylics, meandered through resin and gemstones, and reached new heights with metalwork.

Who We Do It For: We create for wanderlust spirits and those who appreciate the essence of handmade artistry. Our jewelry speaks to those who seek beauty in unconventional places and believe in the healing power of creativity.

Why We Do It: Amethyst & Ash was born from a season of change, a recovery journey, and the divine spark of artistry. We stand as a symbol of sobriety, hope, and the resurgence of beauty from the depths of despair. Our creations are not just adornments; they are expressions of pain, glory, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Every piece you wear tells a story, and with Amethyst & Ash, that story is one of strength, redemption, and the artful embrace of life's colors. 🌈✨"

Ashley Is currently celebrating 6 years of sobriety from alcoholism. ✨
He will give you beauty for ashes.. 
Isaiah 61:3